Cultural Heritage
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Driving Chinese-Foreign Cultural Exchanges for Mutual Appraisal

Among the listed important tasks ‘Regarding Opinions on Implementing the Development Project of Imparting and Inheriting the Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture’, there includes ‘supporting…Chinese martial arts, Chinese ancient classics, Chinese cultural artefacts… and other representative projects of Chinese Traditional culture to go global’.

Blending with Production Life

On the basis of rich culture and cultural artefacts, also weighing up supply and demand, our task is social real-life exposure, as well as blending the hidden depths of the Chinese outstanding traditional culture with production life. The aim is to spread the market value of high quality cultural products, to expand the supply of middle-high-end cultural products and service, and to head for the international market.

Chinese Cultural Artefact Collections

From the bronzes and coins of the ancient three dynasties of Shang and Zhou down to the paintings and calligraphy of those of Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing, all can contribute to the active participation in exchanging dialogue of world culture, enrich and develop Chinese culture, likewise publish books on Chinese cultural artefacts.

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